A letter to Donald Trump
Wednesday, January 11, 2017 at 4:54PM
Judith Nitchie in Affordable Care Act, Donald Trump, Multiple Sclerosis, Obamacare, Scoliosis, advocacy, asthma, chronic illness, health care, medical insurance

Dear Donald Trump:

Please do not take my health care away.

I work as a psychotherapist part-time in San Francisco. Many of my clients struggle with the emotional impact of disability or chronic illness. I am drawn to work with this population because of my own experience.

I have multiple sclerosis, asthma, and scoliosis. My income remains below the poverty level in what many say is the most expensive city in the country. Because of my own health issues I do not have the stamina to work full-time or to apply myself to marketing my practice in such a way that my income increases significantly. I get by and I enjoy my life; however, since I do not receive any other financial assistance the Affordable Care Act has played a significant role in keeping my head above water.

You are about to take on a position of great authority and import to the world. Congratulations. Please use that power to make wise, humane, and compassionate decisions on real issues for the real people you represent. Consider all of us as precious beings. You have the power to do great good. Let that be your legacy.

Please do not take my health care away.

Thank you for reading.


Article originally appeared on chronic illness, grief and loss counseling and therapy in San Francisco, California (http://www.chronicillnesssf.com/).
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