"I have MS, MS doesn't have me." Really?
Monday, April 9, 2018 at 3:59PM
Judith Nitchie in "I have MS, MS, MS doesn't have me.", Multiple Sclerosis, chronic illness, fatigue, heat sensitivity

Thank you to Stacey Dorton (quoted in Sense of Self, an article by Vicky Uhland in Momentum, a magazine offering information and support to people affected by Multiple Sclerosis) for offering a different take on the adage "I have MS, MS doesn't have me," because  sometimes yes MS does have me! Like when it's over 90 degrees and I can barely crawl out of my puddle of sweat and misery to use the toilet. Like when I get lost driving to church or a friend's house on a route I have taken hundreds of times. Like when the fatigue just descends for no apparent reason and whatever I had planned for the day becomes impossible. Like when I do have energy but I know I can either do laundry or make something to eat or go for a walk...and there is the not unlikely possibility that I will not be able to complete any of those, because, without warning, MS can interfere with an awful lot that I used to take for granted. Sometimes MS has me! And please don't tell me I just need to be positive! I am not suggesting that we all sit around and give up on our lives, but I am saying that I have MS, sometimes it has me, but really, we're both in it for the long haul.

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