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A letter to Donald Trump

Dear Donald Trump:

Please do not take my health care away.

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10 Commandments for interacting with the chronically ill

At the end of each of my ...for Dummies books is a section called The Part of Tens which contains useful bits of information, problem-solving tips, and reminders of things to be careful about or look out for regarding the computer program or the subject at hand.  According to Judeo-Christian tradition, Moses came down from the mountain after talking with God with a list of Ten Commandments or rules for right living.  
In response to some of the common misunderstandings and communication challenges that are rife in the arena of chronic illness, Susan Williams provides some useful guidance in her 10 Commandments for interacting with the chronically ill

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About Looking Good

"The real reason so many people know someone with MS who is doing 'fine' is because so many people who have MS are putting forth a Herculean effort on a daily basis to stay active, to not lose ground, to stay in the game."

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