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"I have MS, MS doesn't have me." Really?

sometimes yes MS does have me!

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Too Darn Hot!! Global Broiling

It's over 90 degrees in the City by the Bay, famous for its fog and wintry summers. Over 90 in my Sunset neighborhood, reputed to be perpetually fogbound and cold even during a heat wave. This particular 'wave' has been going on for several days and shows no respect for neighborhood boundaries.

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Fatigue & Spoon Theory

I really didn't get it until I got it.

In my 20's, I worked full-time in an office, headed for the dance studio for 4 to 6 hours of class and rehearsal, then, often as not, to a club to continue dancing. This did not seem extreme at the time. This was living my life. Sure I was tired, even fatigued at times, but  the solutions were simple: another cup of coffee, some jumping jacks, brushing my hair over my head-I was good to go!

M.S. fatigue is different.

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Form follows function

There's a rather long talky part in the service I attend on Sunday mornings. The prescribed posture is to stand during this, showing respect for the solemnity and significance of the ritual.

One of the variables of my M.S. is that even on a day when I can walk long distances, just a few minutes of standing in one place can leave me utterly fatigued. Walking, running, skipping, or even a vigorous workout at the gym might all be possible, but to stand in one place can be torture.

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White Canes and Wheelchairs

My new client is going blind.  He has zero peripheral vision. Retinitis Pigmentosis is a congenitally acquired disease that causes progressive vision loss. Joe keeps his white-tipped cane neatly folded up in his backpack. He has never used it, hasn't asked for training, doesn't want to learn. No, he doesn't want a guide dog either. That would be "giving in" he says. That would be "letting the disease win."

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Sometimes I just hate my M.S.

Sometimes I just hate my M.S.

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