Judith Nitchie, CMT, LMFT

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Chronic Illness Counseling in San Francisco

This page tells you a little about the therapy services I provide in San Francisco and the greater Bay Area.

Individual Counseling and Therapy 

Sometimes it feels like there is no way out of the pain we are in.  Counseling and therapy can help you reconnect with yourself and get back to living a meaningful, satisfying life.  I am passionate about helping you identify and learn the tools that help you move forward on your unique path.

Couples and Family Therapy

Chronic illness can present unique challenges to intimate relationships and family life.  Addressing these issues together in a supportive environment can lead to effective problem-solving while you deepen and enrich important relationships.


From time to time I offer educational, support, and/or training groups. Please call me at (415)665-5220 if you are interested in joining or starting a group or for presentations to your organization.  Additional formats are available.

A Great Life Regardless

A Great Life Regardless is an interactive, teaching, and skills oriented presentation for chronic illness and other issue specific support groups around the Bay Area.  Here we learn specific techniques to work with some of our unhelpful thoughts and feelings so that we can start to feel better and get back to enjoying life.

Support Groups

These are issue-specific, skills-oriented support groups. Participants support each other while learning new tools to get back on track.

Working With Clients With Chronic Illness

Understanding, supporting and managing some of the special needs of patients with chronic illness for healing professionals.


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